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Richard Ugbah


About Richard

Living and working in Lagos, Nigeria, Richard Ugbah is a talented entrepreneur operating in the hospitality space. He provides luxury accommodations for wealthy travelers and individuals who want the extravagance of high-end travel without the paperwork and hassle that often accompanies it.

Across his career, Richard Ugbah has seen firsthand the ways in which technology can improve nearly any industry and make the work easier and more streamlined. In the hotel and hospitality industry, customers who used to be limited by the number of staff working or the hours of operation are now able to book, reserve, and plan their stays all online, where they can also consult industry professionals and gather more insight and information than ever before. 

In 2012, Richard Ugbah founded Richi Housing & Tourism in Lagos, Nigeria, where he’s been working ever since as the Director of Operations. It’s the mission of Richard and the entire team at Richi to identify business opportunities throughout Nigeria and build partnerships with them with the goal of creating sustainable human settlements and developments for tourism throughout the area. The organization focuses on all areas of the tourism and housing industry, from start to finish. Not only will Richard Ugbah and the team develop strategic plans with identified business opportunities, prepare all necessary paperwork for each project, and monitor each project’s progress, they also want to ensure that the stakeholders and investors understand the product in which they’re investing. That’s why they offer insight and assistance to investors and stakeholders alike to inform them about all aspects of tourism and housing. 

As a professional, Richard Ugbah has a number of specialized industry skills, including project planning, marketing strategy, contract negotiation, and strategic planning. He has also developed unmatched customer service skills that have helped him with building his business and professional relationships throughout his career. 

Richard’s career began in 2003 when he enrolled at Ajman University of Science and Technology in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. Here, he studied Computer Engineering and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in the field in 2007. From there, he worked his first role as a Sales Manager for Kenny TK Autos, where he remained from 2009 to 2011. A year later, he founded Richi Housing & Tourism and has been building his career ever since. 

To learn more about technology and how it is benefitting the hospitality and tourism industry, please check out Richard Ugbah’s blog page!

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