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2020 has most certainly been a year full of the unexpected. A global pandemic changed all of our lives and caused a lot of hardship for people worldwide. Though it’s hard to look back on this year and reflect on anything useful, the tech industry surprisingly thrived. 

Much like any year, Apple came out with a slew of new products this year. Their AirPods underwent a significant remodel this year with AirPods Pro. The new model offers a more comfortable and customizable fit. They also now provide noise cancellation options and a step up in overall sounds quality. The Apple Watch 6 also debuted this year, offering wearers numerous sensors to track and log heart rhythm straight to your phone. The watch has become a convenient technical device and a useful tool for your health, monitoring sleep, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate irregularities. 

Another trend this year was video doorbells. Though the Ring doorbell has been a critical player in the space, Arlo’s video doorbell made significant headlines over the last few months this year. Offering premium features at a reasonable price, the Arlo video doorbell has quickly become a crowd favorite. The most notable feature of this doorbell has been its ability to differentiate from packages, people, animals, and vehicles. Unlike other brands, Arlo only sends you the alerts you want, like a package delivery or a guest at the door. 

One rather helpful gadget that came out of 2020 is the Chipolo One Bluetooth Key Finder. An affordable device that helps you find your keys and phone by emitting a loud sound, this device is more than helpful to those who can never seem to find their belongings. At a reasonable price, with a battery that lasts over 2 years, the Chipolo One is pretty much a no brainer. 

2020 also brought us some new TVs from various manufacturers. The Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K Smart TV made its debut this year which provides viewers with an elevated audio quality through their Active Voice Amplifier. With the Samsung Q950TS, you can split your screen, watching two programs simultaneously, and easily mirror your mobile device. 

Though this past year hasn’t been the most positive or eventful, we did in fact see quite a few technological advancements. With the seemingly ever-changing landscape of the world, I think we can expect significant advancements in 2021.