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2020 was the year of many breakthroughs in technology. Each of them has had a profound effect on the world and will continue to.

One of the most significant breakthroughs was anti-aging medications. The goal of these medications is to slow down the progression of diseases that afflict people later in life. Though they are in the testing stage, their future looks promising.

However, other anti-aging medications are already being tested in clinical trials. One has shown an improvement in older people suffering from osteoarthritis, whether they have a mild or severe case. Other medications are being tested on people diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. There is also a medication being tested that could potentially help treat Parkinson’s disease.

This isn’t the only way that technology is changing medicine. It’s now becoming possible to create a medication that can be tailored to an individual patient based on their DNA. Any disease a person has thanks to their DNA could potentially be cured with the use of tailored medication. Even the disease that still couldn’t be cured could be managed with medication, when this was not possible in the past.

But it isn’t just the healthcare industry that has been impacted by breakthroughs in technology. The U.S. Government has been searching for ways the Census Bureau can use peoples’ personal data while still keeping it safe. They’ve taken to sprinkling personal data with little snippets of untrue information. This allows the Census Bureau to still do their job without being able to identify individual people based on their data.

A mathematical technique called differential privacy makes this possible. Not only is the Census Bureau using it, so are Facebook and Apple. Both have faced controversy for their use of members’ personal information, but differential privacy is changing that.

Security is also a concern for Internet users in general. Technology is helping to ease the concerns of Internet users, thanks to quantum physics. In the Netherlands, a computer network is being built using quantum technology to make the Internet less intrusive on peoples’ privacy. Once the network is completed users will be able to send each other messages without fear of them being intercepted. This avoids revealing the personal information of Internet users.